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Love and Relationships – How to Get a Commitment and a Great Relationship

Do you want commitment, love, and a great relationship? Are you ready to move beyond playing the field? Do you know how to get your guy to commit to you? Most women do not understand that there are just a few simple things to remember if you want to make that guy realize how absolutely amazing you are. Here are a few ideas to move you along when trying to intertwine love and relationships.

So, you’ve met a great guy and you would love to spend every minute with him! DON’T! Even in the excitement of a new relationship, being always available drastically decreases your enticement quotient. Keep up with your pre-guy activities. Here are a few things to remember:

1.) Being always available translates to making it too easy for him.

2.) Being always available translates to boring.

3.) Being always available translates to no challenge, no prize.

4.) Being always available translates to same old, same old…

Being always available quite often means love and your relationship might stall because of the reasons stated above.

Now, a few things to keep in mind when you are with him. Be exciting and find different, exciting things to talk about. For example, did he know the local college team is going to the playoffs, or that great cover band will be playing at a downtown bar on Friday night? Tell him about the killer rib-eye steaks you grilled for dinner or that hilarious reality show you watched the night before. Definitely tell stories about other friends, including guys. It can’t hurt to let him wonder if he has a little competition, right? But, do stay away from talking politics until you are sure of that love and relationship. If you don’t see that happening, move on. You have the tools to find one of those other great guys out there.

Relationship Advice – Why Women Leave Relationships

Relationships can be hard, and if you are in a long term one, as a man there will be times when you are worried that your partner is thinking about leaving. If this is you, or even if your long term partner has already left you, it is probable that you are searching for answers to the question of why women leave relationships. In this article I hope to help to answer that question for you.

Any relationship that lasts through the initial honeymoon phase, (when quite frankly neither can do anything wrong in the others eyes,) and starts to become a lasting relationship. The emotions settle and the rose tinted glasses start to fade, and as we move into this phase little thing can start to pile up. Little habits that we once found endearing begin to annoy. Insensitive remarks, and little hurts or actions, can over a period of time build up like a barrier between you. There will come a time when your girl will just no longer be able to cope anymore, and this is the point when they may bail out and leave.

A great deal of problems arise from the fact that over time men are taught to think of women as needy overly emotional, and high maintenance creatures. However if you think this is true of every women, then this may be one of your problems in your dealings with the fairer sex. You need to unlearn this fact, of course like all cliches this is true of some women, but you need to take a new approach. Chill out and de-stress, and treat your partner as a person, (not just a woman.) In fact try behaving towards them as you would like people to behave towards you. Trust me it will work wonders.

At the two extremes I have seen men treat their girls as if they were an object of pure sexual gratification, and at the other extreme a replacement for their mother. Both of these are quite obviously wrong, what you should do is to think of your male friends, how do you approach them? It is possible that you spend more time thinking about their individual personalities than you do about your girlfriends. You should take time to get to know your girl, and treat her as an individual. Each woman you meet in your life is unique and should be treated as such.

Most women you form longer relationships with, and if these relationships are to stand any chance at all of succeeding, will be looking to you to be more than just a sexual partner. They will need you to become a friend and confidant to them, and act like you like them as a friend as well as a lover. This is very important as i am sure we have all seen people in partnerships where they don’t actually appear to even like each other.

It is also important that you realize that men and women have very similar sex drives, even though society tries to pretend otherwise. What is important is that a woman doesn’t want to feel that a man just wants her for sex. Not every physical contact should lead to sex, sometimes it should just be an affectionate cuddle, a physical but non sexual connection.

If you are looking for an answer to why women leave men then you should take note of the above points. This should go some way to answering your question, and may even lead to you forming stronger relationships.

If you have recently experienced a breakup, and are not sure where to go from here, can I suggest you watch this video on the magic of making up, I think it may help you to decide on what your next move should be.

How to Approach Women – And Get Them to Surrender to You in Love

Most guys out there have one simple question when it comes to picking up women, and that is: how do you start great conversations that are sure to get women interested? A lot of guys just run into a brick wall when they try to talk to girls – they just turn their backs and the guy is left totally out in the cold.

The problem is, once a girl has lost interest in you, it’s all over – she isn’t coming back. With that said, it’s obvious that you can’t afford to be unable to hold great conversations, or you’ll never get anywhere.

You’re in luck, though, because we’re bringing you some proven techniques for seduction. These two tips are powerful tools for your seduction toolbox, and will get women to see you as irresistible.

How To Approach Women – And Get Them To Surrender To You In Love

Tip #1 – “Never Lose Control.” The number one hugest mistake that most men make when on the dating scene is to let themselves be controlled by women. We all know the guy who can never say no to a woman, or the whipped dude who runs away screaming when his girlfriend gets upset with him.

Girls treat guys this way only because the guys let them, and don’t take control of the situation. If you want to be a successful, be different – be strong and take the reins of the relationship. Women love a guy who can take charge.

Tip #2 – “Boys Don’t Cry.” There are guys out there who just have complete emotional breakdowns when their women kick them to the curb. Don’t be one of those guys – you don’t want her to like you out of pity! That’s the worst kind of relationship, and no one feels comfortable when they feel like they can’t end it out of fear of hurting feelings.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a sensitive, vulnerable side. The key is to show those qualities without being a crybaby. That is the big difference between a successful relationship and watching some tough guy steal your girl.

Bonus Tip Number Three – “Hypnosis is the best flirting weapon…bar none.” One such hypnosis technique is called ‘fractionation’. Fractionation is considered as a ‘dark art’ tactic which is the basis of hypnosis-based seduction, and while controversial, it is known to be one of the most effective tactics ever invented by underground seductionists. It is described in a step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript (

These psychology tactics are highly unconventional techniques that are used by the secret elite in the seduction community. Use at your own risk. I personally vouch for the effectiveness of these tactics, but care must be taken as they could be outright dangerous in the hands of the unscrupulous.

Money and Relationships

Have you ever wondered at the power of money? I have and I came to realize that money is such a strong factor in life that it generally controls everything. It controls the way we run our lives and most definitely it controls the people we love. Most people would rather be in a love less relationship than be in a love relationship that lacks financial backing. No one likes to worry about what they will eat or how they are going to complete their mortgage fee. It is a no wonder therefor that thousands of couples fight over money daily. Sometimes I think if money was not introduced to this world, we would all be living happily. There is no separating money and relationships. However, when you are in a relationship, you should not let money control you. Make sure you and your partner have a general agreement about money, this way, you will prevent any ugly confrontations arising in future.

The men and women have their own problem with money. The ladies would like to believe that the men over use money and sometimes waste it in pointless drinking. The men on the other hand tend to think that the women spend a lot of money on pointless shopping on new cloths, makeup and new appliances. Men and women have their own problem and until they both realize they have a problem, a relationship might not work. Sometimes the best way of dealing with the problem of money and relationship is to have a spending limit per day. This way, there is not person who will spend more than is acceptable. This way the number of times people in relationships would fight about money would be few.

Sometimes couples agree to open one account where they can both manage their finances. Although this is a great idea, complications arises when you can no longer live together. Even if you open an account with your partner, make sure you have an account of your own that you have a way in. An account where you get to decide the amount which you can withdraw and how much you can use. This way, you will not feel like your wings are clipped in a relationship. Money and relationship are funny, just when you think you have got the idea your partner might decide to leave.

However, if you feel money is such a great issue in your relationship, you should go find help. Get help from a financial advisor. If the problem is with your partner and they are spending too much in buying something you should also get financial help. Attend some of the sessions with your partner to show him or her that you support them and you want them to recover from their money problem. Lastly, if you want your relationship to work you should never let money control what you do. Money is always going to be there and as long as it is there, the problems associated with them will not go away. All we need to do is to be people who can manage money and relationships.