Guys and Relationships – Things That You Should Know About Men

Are you clueless about what men think about relationships? Have you been anxious for quite some time now trying to figure out how your guy sees your relationship? Are you losing your sleep over trying to know about guys and relationships? Well, do not panic. We all know that men are from Mars and it is very difficult for most women to gauge their thoughts.

Men have a very different thinking pattern than women, and, the way they see relationships, what they feel about relationships, etc., are very different from the way women see and feel. In order to have a healthy relationship, you must understand what your man expects from the relationship. You should have a very clear idea about the male perspective. Do you know what your guy likes about you relationship? Do you have any idea what aspect of your relationship makes him want to crawl up the walls? Do you have a clue about what his idea of an ideal relationship is?

Well, men are not that complicated. You can understand them clearly by knowing the following things about guys and relationships:

• Men like communication: Contrary to popular belief, men really like clear, honest, sincere communication. Your husband/boyfriend cannot read your mind. Men prefer that women tell them clearly about what they want, what their needs are, etc. This helps men be more sensitive and accommodating. Men do not like complicating things unnecessarily. If you want your guy to do something, or, to behave in a certain way, you should just tell him that directly. Also, you should be open to what your guy thinks and wants. Men really appreciate crystal clear two way communication. This prevents complexities and misunderstandings. You need to have a real idea about guys and relationships.

• Men like independent, confident women: Men really like women who are strong and do not depend on anybody. They want to feel that they are loved by the women in their lives genuinely, and, do not want a woman to like them just out of desperation or for financial reasons. Men like women who respect themselves and have a life of their own. Men love a woman who has a career, great friends, etc., in short, an amazing life.

• Manipulation is a strict ‘no no’: Mind games might look fun on screen, but, in real life, these can be detrimental for your relationship. Men simply hate mixed signals and crooked communication. If you want to say something to your partner, you should just say it instead of sending cryptic messages that confuse the person. If there is something you want ask or clarify, you should choose a direct approach and should definitely avoid any kind of manipulative measures.

• Fidelity is very important: Fidelity is a big factor and is on top of every man’s priority list. Men only want those women in their lives who are honest and are completely committed to the relationship. So, you should make sure to express your feelings clearly and make your man completely secure about your loyalty. This is the biggest factor related to guys and relationships.

• Men like women who have a clear idea about how men need to be treated: Men need to feel strong, needed and important. It’s an ego thing and you should never do or say anything that makes your guy feel inadequate and unappreciated. You should make him feel loved and cared for and that he is very important to you. If you want a clear picture about guys and relationships, you should try to understand a man’s needs.