Men and Relationships – 3 Reasons He Might Leave and What You Can Do to Stop This From Happening

Men and relationships sometimes seem to go together like oil and water. There are many women out there that truly believe that men are simply not going to stay in a relationship regardless of what they do. I guess it is that whole Mars and Venus thing. Things that come natural to women are completely foreign to men. Things like thinking! Relax guys, I am just kidding about that. I am not kidding about men and women seeing things differently though. If you are having trouble with men and relationships, here are three things that may make him leave and what you can do to keep it from happening.

Nothing will push most men away faster than an overly clingy or needy girlfriend. You simply have to give him a little space to be him. The two of you were individuals that enjoyed different interests before you started dating. Now that you are dating, he will still like some things that may not be appealing to you. If he is really into sports and you are not, there is really no harm in him watching a game while you do something that you enjoy.

Another thing that keeps getting women into trouble with men and relationships is trying to change him. It will be much easier if you can accept the fact that he has no intention of changing. Not for you or anyone else. If you like him the way that he is, great! If not, you will be headed for a lot of heartache. It has been said that men marry women hoping that they never change and women marry men and hope to change them. Like I said earlier, when it comes to women and men and relationships it must be that whole Mars and Venus thing.

Lastly and most important, if you are having trouble with men and relationships it may be because you are making your man pay for the mistakes of previous boyfriends. It is best if you can leave the past in the past. Most of us have to go through a few trolls to get to prince charming. Once you find him you can not keep dumping all of that past pain on him. If he is not responsible for it, put it behind you. If you can not do this, sooner or later he will leave.

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