Blood Clotting – The Rescue Squad

When you have a wound, what prevents your body from drying out the circulating blood in your body?

The technical description of this process is when blood platelets work together to form thrombus in the coagulation cascade. The term lay is the formation of blood clots.

For example, when you cut vegetables for dinner and you slip and cut your skin nerve impulses race to the brain at 250 miles per hour. Your brain recognizes the site of injury and platelets begin to fuse at the point of injury.

Interestingly, when platelets attach to the injured area, platelets release chemicals that warn other platelets to come and help stop blood flow. After enough platelets meet in the area, a coagulation cascade is developed. According to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Medicine, “The purpose of the cascade is to form fibrin, which will form nets in the platelet aggregate to stabilize clots. All factors have an inactive and active form. Once activated, these factors will function to activate factors next in sequence until fibrin is formed. “[1]

Wikipedia describes fibrin as, “[A] a protein involved in blood clotting. This is a fibrillary protein that is polymerized to form a” mesh “that forms a hemostatic clot or clot (in conjunction with platelets) above the site of the wound.” [2]

In essence, when our body is injured, the rescue team is sent to stop the flow, provide a sophisticated cover and speed up the healing process.

The presence of platelets in the human body is a remarkable mechanism for preserving life in the event of lacerations.

The above description of how this system works is stripped to make it easier to understand. The fact is that the blood clotting system in the human body is very complex. Without the right components in the right amount, activated at the right time blood clots will not work and the organism will not survive.

The blood clotting system is what is called a “simplified complex system”. This means that if there is an important part missing, the whole process will be damaged and not work. Then how can this system evolve through a gradual natural process if all parts must be involved to function? Evolutionists can only produce stories. They do not provide evidence of how this complex system can emerge. If it is difficult to give an explanation or even a shred of evidence for just one of the many complex systems in the human body, how can anyone believe that the whole body coalesces by chance through an evolutionary process?

Did the human body evolve or adapt through natural selection by utilizing this freezing feature or is the freezing mechanism in our body designed because without it we would be extinct?

The fact that there is even a discussion that a complex blood clotting system can be formed by Darwin’s evolutionary process in stages, itself makes no sense. A rational and honest person will never believe that this is the result of anything other than proper engineering by superior intelligence.