Why Women Leave Relationships

When some men start out on their dating game, they act like the perfect gentleman by telling the woman whatever she wants to hear, and has her believing it. They keep ad-libbing for a while until they get tired of acting out of character, or maybe they just slip up. Then she gets a bird’s eye view of his normal behavior and you still wonder why women leave relationships. Women don’t care for men that get what they want; then neglect or act like they never knew them in the first place. Yes there are some superficial men out there; take Casanova in the 1700’s, also there was an occupant in the White House that admittedly preyed on his staff.

Throughout adolescences and adulthood your lifestyle and habits are going to change making your approach and viewpoint towards a relationship adjust to the new you, so how can you expect your girlfriend not to alter her routine and demeanor also. Give her room or she will be changing companions as well as her way of life and you will be standing by your self wondering what happened. All things change so go with the flow or get thrown overboard & begin the break-up. The only thing that remains constant is change.

What was really fun for both of you starting out on your journey together, might not be her idea of enjoyment now. Just because you both previously got pleasure from hanging out at the same places or with the same people, doesn’t mean it will remain that way forever. It might be time to rethink some of your habits, especially if your girlfriend has been complaining about it for a while. For anyone else it would be setting off red flags; apparently you are not concerned, for you want to continue to party with your old friends that causes your break-up.

It could be that a person at one of your favorite spots really offended your girlfriend when you were in the restroom or out of earshot one time and now she can’t stand to be around this person. Also one of your old buds could be playing the Casanova role to see if your mate might break-up if tested. That happens quite a lot in relationships where one partner has been friends with a group and then tries to bring their significant other into this group, it doesn’t always work. There can be friction because they were the most important part of your life then, and your girlfriend believes she is now. Could be that you are going to have to choose either the old gang or your beloved, because you might not get to keep both. Life is like that sometimes so if you are still wondering why women leave relationships, any or all of the above mentioned examples could apply.